Bernardo ist Technologieunternehmer und Business Angel. Sein Antrieb: aus Innovation und neuen Technologien Mehrwert schaffen. Damit ist er die ideale Besetzung als Vordenker und Keynote-Speaker der #21digital in Köln. Wir sprachen im Vorfeld mit ihm über die disruptive Kraft von Technologien.

Bernardo, you are technology entrepreneur, business angel and venture partner at What are your core tasks? 

I love to look for trends in technology and try to exploit them, either from just learning about them, investing on them, or even starting new companies. I believe we live in a very special time where lots of new things are happing in just our life time.

„Disrupt and Sustain – Strategies and Technologies in Times of Digital Darwinism“ is the topic of our next #21digital. Do you prefer sustaining or disruptive technologies? What are your reasons?

No sustainability can happen if you do not first disrupt, I always like disruption better than sustain. Disruption happens when some better, more efficient comes a long and has the potential of becoming an standard.

What impact do technologies have on your activities as investor and business angel and what are they? 

Everything. Technology allows me to scan new ideas, discover new projects, get in touch with people all over the world and have a rational process to process and study them. All this would be impossible to manage at this speed and scale just 20 years ago.

Previously, you were Chief Innovation Officer at Google and CEO of Flickr. What were your biggest technological challenges? 

Challenges are very different at a start compared big companies. Start ups require to stay on top of almost everything, to be nimble and fast in failing and recovery. Large companies need speed, ability to make things happen and scape politics and internal org sclerosis. 

What are the prerequisites for technological innovation? SMAC, DARQ Power – where is the great potential of new technologies? How can technologies be monitored? How to determine their disruptive power? 

The first you need in excellence in the talent, the people you are going to team up with. After this people need a clear plan and strategy about what is the problem that they are going to try to solve. A then, learn how to work together to make it happen.

Which factors/characteristics/skills do you think ensure a company’s long-term success? 

  • Great hiring practices
  • Good leadership
  • Reselience and perseverance
  • Good luck

What do you think: Is it always technology today and in the future that can lead to disruption?

Yes, more than ever, technology is at the center of everything we do. Everything is now digital and therefore everything has a technology dimension.

Thanks, Bernardo!